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Our Vision/Mission Statement



All students who attend PS/IS 209 will develop the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. Students will succeed both academically and socially through the utilization of multi-tiered assessments and our integrated curriculum that will meet the needs of each student that enters our building.  

“Together we make our school a success”


We believe that all students must be provided with rigorous, individualized instruction, as well as challenging materials rooted in non-fiction texts, in order to become college and career ready. We believe that by providing our students with rigorous and supportive instruction, our students will meet the challenges that lie ahead in a competitive, collegiate and career-minded world.

Instructional Focus

PS/IS 209 will engage in a coordinated whole school effort to have all students show growth in comprehending nonfiction texts through the use of academic vocabulary.  Students will demonstrate knowledge through writing across the curricula along with the implementation of school wide, evidence based practices. Our assessment plan will demonstrate growth that will be measured by grade level assessments, and culminating activities.

Matthew Barone, Principal

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